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Workshop on How to Run a Workshop

When: 05 February at 11:00 – 06 February at 14:30
Where: The Perth Artifactory, U8/16 Guthrie Street, Osborne Park
Facilitator: Michelle Outram
What: a two day meta-workshop on how to prepare and run workshops

The first day will cover points such as choosing a topic, structuring workshop tasks, and approaches to facilitation; this will be followed by an interactive, practical session where participants can use these techniques to develop a workshop of their own. The second day will mainly be devoted to running, and taking part in, the participant-developed workshops.

Michelle has facilitated many workshops over the years, and has run this particular one twice before. Given that several members of the Artifactory have expressed an interest in running or co-facilitating workshops, I think this could be both timely and of real practical value. And if you've got something that you'd like to share with others but haven't run any courses or workshops, then this is the perfect opportunity to gain some experience in a friendly and smaller group environment.

Handouts: Workshop on How to Run a Workshop

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