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* Get volunteers for workshop

  • SKoT - general admin, promo
  • (to confirm) Daniel, Brett, others - Circuit CAD?
  • Nathan Thompson (willing to help with teaching soldering)

* What software do we need to get installed?

  • TASK - Get software installed on machines.

* HowTo & Info Resources

  • Component sizes + layouts - where to find this info online?
  • List online services we know about, with reviews, prices (Should make this a general HOWTO)
  • Existing tutorials on web?

* Simple Exercise Projects - preferably ones we need lots of around the space

  • Arduino digital line-level mains(or other) voltage relay set (SKoT)
  • Arduino DMX/MIDI lighting control thing (SKoT)
  • Arduino MIDI control surface (SKoT)
  • Simple sound generators, synth modules, MIDI-2-CV, CV-2-MIDI? (SKoT)
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