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Working title Description Presenters Status
Acoustic Damping Panel Acoustic Damping Panel SKoT McDonald Active
Arduino For Beginners Beginner's guide to Arduino SKoT McDonald Planning
Arduino EEPROM Using the Arduino's EEPROM Bernie Felsche Running
Arduinos And MIDI Building MIDI Devices with Arduinos SKoT McDonald Running
Introduction to PC Virtualisation A two-part workshop covering the history of virtualisation, the main classes of virtualisation software, and the most commonly used desktop and enterprise virtualisation packages; the overview will be followed by a practical install- and configuration-fest Peter Dreisiger (and others?) Planning
Introduction to VMware vSphere 4 An introduction to VMware ESXi and vCenter 4.x (including more advanced networking, storage and HA features), based loosely on their VMware vSphere 4: Install, Configure, Manage course; also touches on CLI control and scripting Peter Dreisiger Planning
Build your own NAS/SAN Storage System A three-part workshop covering basic Network-attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) concepts and considerations, how to install and configure some of the more common free software storage appliances, and how to enclosure design and case mods Brendan Ragan, Peter Dreisiger Planning
Designing for Fabrication A workshop for artists and graphic designers to highlight the constraints, considerations and dirty little tricks involved in design for fabrication, will cover CNC machining, laser-cutting and 3D printing. atrophy, zignig Planning
Prototype Circuit Board Design & Fabrication A workshop for DIY electronics: How to use circuit design CAD programs and how to send it off for manufacturing by a small-run prototype board service. atrophy, SKoT Planning
Past Workshops
Workshop on How to run a Workshop A two-day workshop covering points such as choosing a topic, structuring workshop tasks, and approaches to facilitation, followed by an interactive, practical session where participants use these techniques to develop, and present, a short workshop of their own. Michelle Outram Given
5-6 Feb 2011
Genome Hacking An one day introduction to Genetics and Synthetic biology, covering the basis of microbiology and focused on the minimal requirements to reprogram bacteria in your garage. Each part will be followed by practical exercises Hugo Herter Given Sat. June 18 2011, 10am-5pm
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