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Dave Cake

davescloseup.jpg I was the founding Chair of the Artifactory, and wrote its constitution. Nowadays, I don't get in as much as I'd like due to extreme business, and I'm not actively involved in running stuff.

Day Job

I alternate between teaching, being a PhD student myself, at Curtin Universities Dept. of Internet Studies, and some sysadmin and software development consulting.

Other Stuff

I'm also the Vice-Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia, one of the Regional Contacts for Australia for Burning Man, and a board member of the West Australian Science Fiction Foundation (the organisation that organises Swancon, WA long running local science fiction convention). I'm interested in making connections between all these and the Artifactory. I'm also involved in ICANN, should anyone have a big interest in domain names.


I'm mostly interested in music related projects, hardware and software, at the moment. I'm building (or have built) a whole variety of (mostly analog) music hardware projects, including an analog mono-synth, two theremins, and a XoXBox. I'm also interested in video, installation art, and circuit bending, but don't have any active projects there. I like to code Mac OS X and iOS stuff. I tend towards mostly doing electronics or software related stuff.

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