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Tool Register

This is a register of the spaces tools (as the name might imply!), the tool pages should be based on the Template Tool Page.
:!: If you're unsure about how to use a tool, make sure you thoroughly read its entry here and if needed talk to its listed trainers.


Automated & Robotic Tools

Heavy Machines

< 90% 60% >
Tool Location Status
bandsaw Heavy Tool Room Needs New Blade
benchsander Heavy Tool Room Operational
lathe Heavy Tool Room Operational
MillMini Heavy Tool Room Repairs Needed!
smalldrillpress Heavy Tool Room Operational
meddrillpress Heavy Tool Room Operational
thicknesser CNC Machine Room Needs sharpening
hegnermk40 Near Rear Roller-door Operational
tablesaw Near Rear Roller-door Needs sharpening

Metal Fabrication Tools

Power Tools

Craft Tools

< 90% 60% >
Tool Location Standardised
Hot Glue Gun Machine Room
sewingmachine CAD Room