Tool Register

This is a register of the spaces tools. Some tools require training to use. If you are unsure how to use any tool, be sure to ask someone for help.

For adding new tools to this register, consider the Template Tool Page.

Tool Location Status
Laser cutters Laser Area Operational
Swarfomat (CNC router) Tool Room (back) Operational
3D printers (Resin and FDM) CAD Room Operational
Vinyl cutter CAD Room Operational
MïllDřéd (CNC Milling Machine) General Space Requires repair and recommissioning
Tool Location Status
Band saw Tool Room (front) Operational
Bench sander Tool Room (front) Operational
Wood lathe Tool Room (back) Operational
Thicknesser Tool Room (back) Operational
hegnermk40 Near Rear Roller-door Operational
Table saw Near Rear Roller-door Operational
Tool Location Status
Metal lathe Tool Room (back) Operational
Milling machine General space Commissioning - see Ben or Kamil
Metal bandsaw Welding Bay Operational
Mini milling machine General space Operational
Large drill press Tool Room (back) Operational
Small drill press General space Not in use
Medium drill press General space Not in use
Tool Location Standardised
Hot Glue Gun Machine Room
Sewing machine CAD Room
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