PP3DP UP! 3D Printer

Surfaces may be extremely hot
  • There is an instruction poster in the box near the printer if you want to peruse it.
  • Turn PC on
  • Ensure UP is plugged in to USB on PC
  • Turn UP on (switch at back)
  • Run UP software
  • Click on “3D Print → Initialize” to power on the printer
  • Ensure perforated build surface is secured to the UP with bulldog clips, these should be about 1cm from the sides on the front and rear of the build bed. Watch these during the start of printing to make sure they don't wind up getting caught in the gaps and jammed in the machine.
  • Choose Maintenance, preheat 15 minutes
  • Load your STL.
  • Click the Autoplace icon.
  • Use Meshlab to remove items from the STL as the build area is smaller than a Reprap.
  • You can load other STLs if you want and autoplace.
  • If the 15 minutes is up (machine will beep etc)
  • PROTIP: Keeping the door to the CAD room closed results in fewer draughts, better temperature stability and a better print!
  • Drop the money for the feedstock into the box.
  • Use the software to print (Sorry, don't have it in front of me at the moment…) Select Normal or Fine, and Fill level.
  • Note the number of grams it's going to take, as you need to pay for the feedstock (currently 20c/g)
  • Use the software to emergency stop if necessary. Or switch at the back. Or power cable.
  • Hold front switch down until machine beeps and begins moving. It will lower print bed, then drop it.
  • Wait for it to cool. You can now remove your objects. Poke any plastic in the perforated build surface out for the next user.
  • Turn the UP off at the back switch. Shut down the PC.
  • Clean up. Any clean PLA can be put in the offcuts box for later reuse.
  1. Retract the filament using the “Retract” button in the maintenance menu.
  2. Remove the cooling fan from the X carriage assembly.
  3. Loosen all 3 bolts visible on the heatsink.
  4. Leaving the heater block connected to the control board, Remove the extruder assembly including the heater block by pulling it down.
  5. Heat the extruder by clicking on the “Extrude” button in the maintenance menu.
  6. Once the extruder is at temperature, hold the heater block with vice-grips and remove the nozzle with the nozzle removal tool FIXME (Add picture).
  7. Stop the heater by clicking on the STOP ALL button in the maintenance menu.
  8. Power off the printer.
  9. Disconnect the heater block from the control board.
  10. You can now remove the extruder barrel from the heater block by undoing the 2 Phillips head bolts retaining it.
  11. The extruder barrel will pull out of the heater block.
  1. Follow the instructions above to remove the extruder.
  2. Soak the extruder barrel and nozzle in acetone for 5-10 hours agitating occasionally until no obstructions visible.


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