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Plasma Cutter


plasmacut40.jpg The Plasma Cutter uses a jet of superheated ionised gas (Plasma) to cut any conductive material up to a thickness of 10mm.

The plasma cutter is a very dangerous tool that is capable of severely damaging itself, anyone using it and anyone or anything near it if used improperly, as such they are not to be used until you have completed the safety induction and been trained in its use.


explosive.svg Risk of explosion
Do not use to cut sealed vessels or containers that may have contained flammable materials.
high_voltage.svg High Voltage & Current
fire.svg Potential Fire Hazard
Ensure work area is clear of flammable materials.
hot_surfaces.svg Extremely hot surfaces
Welding gloves must be worn.
Surfaces of materials cut will be hot enough to ignite flammable materials.
visible_light.svg Extremely bright visible light
Shade 5 protection must be worn.
rf.svg Intense RF
Do not use if you have a pacemaker, hearing aid or any other implanted medical device.

PPE Required

ppe_clothing.svg Full-Length Natural Fibre Clothing
Long sleeve and full length trouser clothing made from non-synthetic fibres must be worn.
ppe_footware.svg Safety Footware
Leather safety boots must be worn. Steel-Capped are recommended.
ppe_gloves.svg Welding Gloves
Thick leather welding gloves must be worn.
ppe_shadegoggles.svg Shaded Goggles
Shaded goggles of at least Shade 5 must be worn.

Authorised Users


Maximum Cutting Thickness 10mm (Mild Steel)
Minimum Cutting Current 20A
Maximum Cutting Current 40A
Duty Cycle @ 25A 100%
Duty Cycle @ 40A 30%
Cutting Voltage 96V
Compressed Air Pressure Required 4.8 Bar (480kPa)
Compressed Air Volume Required 90 Litres / Minute

Instructions for Use

FIXME Ensure that the compressed air tube is connected. Check personal and machine safety. Air will not flow when the machine is turned on, it will begin flowing when the trigger is pressed and will continue until the machine is turned off. It does not stop when the thumb trigger is released! Always be aware of the hot discharged material from the other side of the cut material, this is the main fire and safety danger. Use the welding bench or perform cuts outside if safe to do so. Be careful of cutting through or igniting supports. The material needs a good metal-on-metal ground connection, clean a surface with a grinder or alternate method if necessary. The cutting head also requires a decent metal contact and may be blocked by paint or other coating. Again it should be cleaned beforehand if necessary.


Manual PDF Download
Torch Fitting Instructions PDF Download
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