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MïllDřéd is the Artifactory's CNC heavy milling machine capable of machining pretty much anything conceivable given the right tooling.

:!: MïllDřéd is a very dangerous tool that is capable of severely damaging both itself and anyone using it if used improperly, as such it is not to be used until you have completed the safety induction and been trained in its use.

Built by

  • Haydn (Original CNC Conversion)
  • SKoT McDonald: (wiring, power supply / control electronics enclosure)
  • atrophy: (EMC2/RTLinux control computer)

CNC mill

Control Software EMC2 / RTLinux
X Axis Range 300mm
Y Axis Range 150mm
Z Axis Range FIXME
End-Mill Capacity 16mm
Face-Mill Capacity 30mm
Spindle Taper MT3/R8
Spindle Speed (Low Range) 0-1100rpm
Spindle Speed (High Range) 0-2500rpm

Pronunciation Guide

For some reason, MïllDřéd has acquired a pseudo-persona of a strict eastern european governess. Put on your best/worst Bela Lugosi Dracula accent, and follow: ï as in the ee from “feel”, roll the r in an exaggerated fashion, and a punchy, Marlene Dietrich dismissive “eh” as in “Veak, sqvish-y humans, EH, vaht do dey know of love? (of machining metal)”. The final d should be spat out almost as a t, but still voiced.

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