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 +====== HP 54600A 100MHz digital oscilloscope ======
 +** Specifications **
 +  * Bandwidth: 100MHz
 +  * Sample rate: 20MHz
 +  * Memory depth: Tiny!
 +User manual: http://​​litweb/​pdf/​54600-90901.pdf?​id=2308876
 +Simple instructions
 +  * Apply power
 +  * Connect probe to channel A BNC port
 +  * Connect probe to signal
 +  * Press "​AUTOSCALE"​
 +This isn't a fancy scope, but it does have a 100MHz bandwidth.
 +You can capture single events, measure frequency, duty cycle, rise and fall times, and many other things. ​ RTFM for more information.
 +This meter belongs to Steve Hodges and is on loan to the Artifactory;​ please do not remove it from the space or try to repair it without first checking with him.
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