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HEGNER Mk4 Multifunction Work Center [Hegner Von Ronsenburg]

A workhorse of a device hailing from germany.The great Sir Hegner Von Ronsenburg

While unused and mostly unknown, this appears to be a combined

  • Table saw
  • Table Router
  • Disc sander
  • Hole borer


Approved Users

This tool is of unknown provenance, no one seems to be sure if it even works

Instructions for Use

For starters, make sure the system is connected to dust extraction or used outside.


Like this

  • 2 speed (1400, 5600 RPM) fixed arbor 6” table saw, 1 3/8“ thickness capacity
  • 1/4” inverted router/shaper
  • 5” disc sander with tilting table
  • 2800 RPM 3/8” horizontal boring head
  • rip fence, miter guide
  • 32 tooth carbide saw blade
  • 120V/60HZ 1/3 HP maintenance-free induction saw motor
  • 120V/60HZ 2/3 HP 27000 RPM maintenance-free universal router motor
  • overall dimensions 19”x18”x10”
  • ~33kg (73lbs)


Tool bits and consumables:

  • 5” disc sander with tilting table using 60, 80, 150 grit sanding discs
  • 32 tooth carbide saw blade
  • standard router bits



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