Ryobi EMS254L Drop Saw / Mitre Saw

The Ryobi EMS254L 254mm (10″) Compact Slide Mitre Saw/Compound saw/Drop saw is suitable for cutting through just about anything, provided you are using the correct blade. It is currently set up on a movable trolley and can be used out the back if you are cutting a lot of material or a material that is particularly noxious.

This tool is approved for use by any member that has completed the workshop safety induction, if you have not used a drop saw before, ask another member for basic training.


Important Note: :!: :!: If you are trying to use anything other than a spanner to replace the blade, you have gone too far, stop and ask for help.

Step 1

dropsaw-bladechange1.jpg Using a spanner, remove the bolt holding the blade guard cover in place.

Step 2

dropsaw-bladechange2.jpg Move the blade guard aside to expose the blade mount. Remove the blade retaining bolt, washer and finally the blade itself.
Note that the blade retention bolt is left-hand-threaded; i.e. opposite to normal (so it's lefty-tighty righty-loosey!). A memory aid: If a foolish person was to hold the bolt while it is spinning, it would tighten it up - one needs to turn the bolt head the “other” way to loosen.

Step 4

dropsaw-bladechange3.jpg Insert the new blade ensuring that the arrow on the top blade cover (Silver metal bit above the blade) matches the arrow on the blade.

Step 5

dropsaw-bladechange5.jpg Put the blade retention washer back on.

Step 6

dropsaw-bladechange6.jpg Put the blade retention bolt back in and reassemble the blade guard cover.
Remember the blade retention bolt is threaded opposite to normal (lefty-tighty righty-loosey) We could not find the exact manual here:, however this is similar: ryobi-tss100l_212_eng.pdf

Specifications Value
IlluminationLaser line, 2 work area LEDs
FeatureForward sliding bars allow users to work up against a wall
FeatureExtra wide side extensions to support large timber
Feature50 degree left and right mitre capacity
Bevel capacity left (˚) 47
Bevel capacity right (˚) 2
Blade diameter (mm) 254
Blade type 48-tooth TCT
Max. cutting capacity 45˚ mitre/ 45˚ bevel (mm) 200×58
Max. cutting capacity 45˚ mitre/ 90˚ bevel (mm) 200×90
Max. cutting capacity 90˚ mitre/ 45˚ bevel (mm) 300×58
Max. cutting capacity 90˚ mitre/ 90˚ bevel (mm) 300×90
Mitre capacity left (˚) 50
Mitre capacity right (˚) 50
No load speed (rpm) 4,800
Power input (W) 2000
Weight (kg) 16.2


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