Air Compressor

Manual is here.

From the manual:

  • Do not expose your air compressor to rain or use in damp or wet conditions.
  • Keep the work area well lit.
  • Always ensure your compressor is level and stable.
  • Using your compressor on uneven or unstable ground may cause a lack of lubrication and the pump to seize, this damage will not be covered under warranty.

Quick ref:

  • oil: SAE30.
  • duty cycle: 75% (manual states it will overheat if let to run continuously)
  • pump start: 85psi
  • pump stop: 115psi
  • output: 155 Litres/min free air delivery
  • tank: 50l

Before use

  1. Seal the tank drain tap,
  2. Check the oil level,
  3. Check safety valve operation,
  4. Check the belt tension,
  5. Check for belt straightness.

After use

  1. Open the tank drain tap,
  2. Wipe down the air compressor.
  3. Store safely and securely.

Every 50 Hours

  1. Replace the air filter.
  2. Drain oil completely and replace with fresh oil
To drain:
   a. Loosen and remove the oil drain bolt, and drain oil into a funnel / bottle and dispose of in an appropriate manner.
   b. Once drained replace and tighten the oil drain bolt.
   c. Wipe up any oil spills.
   d. Fill up to the top red dot on the sight glass with fresh clean oil. 
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