Laser Subcommittee Meeting 2022-08-24

  • Attendees: BlakeS, FletcherB, BruceC, NickB, LewisY
    • 6-weekly Wednesday evening Wine&Design?
  • LG500 “Little Red”
    • OUT-OF-ORDER (no chiller)
  • KH7050 “Kellogg/Middle”
    • cutting 3mm MDF in centre at 20mm/s
    • experiment with builtin speed-test, focus-test patten generation
    • Z axis moving down started to squeak during test
      • fixed! Silicone lubricant on the left and right Z tensioner/idler rollers
    • FletcherB, BruceC: flush CW-5000 chiller
      • Some algal growth: bring the next flush forward, plan for bleach flush? UV algalcidal lighting?
  • LC1290 “Big Red”
    • CW-5200 chiller, working fine
    • cutting 3mm MDF in centre at 50mm/s
    • Occasional lost/skipped steps?
      • Test at increased speed: n*400mm/s vertical (on Y axis) lines, in single S to N direction
        • Subtle “clunk” noise, no extreme resonance sound, but no lost steps observed under testing?
    • Clean lens
    • Z-probe sticky - cleaned with IPA and degreaser.
    • Origin offset length (z probe height cal) left at 22.200mm. Seems to be cutting 3mm MDF OK at 50mm/sec in centre.
    • Hour meter, 400-512 beam-active cutting hours per annum
DateHour countNotes
2013-11-04-2000? LC1290 commissioned with Reci 130W-155W W6 tube (manufactured 2013-08-22); (and LG500 with Chengdu Weegiant 60W tube)
2016-07-05-750? Original Reci W6 tube failed with arcing, replacement ordered; Jilan Yongli 80W A2 tube temporary install 2016-08-03
2016-12-28-500? Reci 130W-145.4W W6 tube (manufactured 2016-08-13) installed
2017-12-101.6 Hour meter installed
2018-12-17488.9 Secondhand 100W tube installed 2018-12-22
2021-03-201515.6 SPT-TR130W tube installed
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