Laser Subcommittee Meeting 2021-09-18

  • Attendees: BruceC, NickB, BlakeS, Vincent
  • LG500 “Little Red”
    • New PC installed
    • clean lens
    • cutting 3mm MDF in centre at 25mm/s
  • KH7050 “Kellogg/Middle”
    • Clean lens
    • Adjust Z offset
    • Used the z height spacer tool to enforce some offset between lens assembly and gantry. Allows for some room to take up in certain head crash scenarios
    • Noted that the threaded locking ring for lens binds in holder. Perhaps the ring is too small diameter. Consider requesting a larger diameter locking ring is manufactured.
    • Cutting through around 25mm/s
  • LC1290 “Big Red”
    • Was in use, didn't work on
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