Laser Subcommittee Meeting 2021-01-16

  • Attendees: BlakeS, NickB, FletcherB, BeauD, BenC, Guy, VincentD, Phoebe
    • Next meeting(s): Five weeks: regular third Saturday 14:00 ? OK
  • We'd still like red dot beam combiners, which would render getting a tube that has a built in aiming beam moot
  • BenC: measured chiller cable:
    • 3 pin DIN at chiller end, connected to 4 pin DIN at LC1290 end, pin 1+3 straight through to pin 1+3 at other end
    • pin 1+3 is a NC relay output; continuity is broken when chiller alarm triggers
  • LG500 Little Red (out-of-order)
    • Time to re-commission!
    • Requires air extraction, Y fitting
  • KH7050 Kellogg/Middle
    • Cleaned lens, mirrors
      • X mirror, travelling gantry was fairly dirty
      • Cutting double images → X mirror realign
    • cutting 3mm MDF in centre of bed at 22-25mm/s
    • Clean and grease rails, lithium grease spray
  • LC1290 Big Red
    • Cleaned lens
    • Clean and grease X rails, Y rails Hiwin HGN-15 style rails (15mm wide)
      • Try lithium grease spray
    • Current was low - 18mA; BS+FB raised it back to 26mA but cut speeds did not improve
    • cutting 3mm MDF in centre of bed at 25-30mm/s
    • Make HV PSU controller/display accessible, mount near control panel
      • Reads 18kV to 22kV, 16-25mA, 0-3.3V “control voltage”; depending on “Max-Power” percentage as set in LaserCut (HV-PSU has not been adjusted directly)
    • cutting 3mm MDF in centre of bed… at 20mm/s?
    • Empty compressor tanks (needed), water trap (already done)
      • TODO: KamilS has solenoid for auto-purge of main tank
        • stored in LC1290 control cavity
        • secondary tank and line trap will need occasional purge
    • Hour meter
      • The hour meter started from 1.6 hours, at 20171210 , 400-512 beam-active cutting hours per annum
DateHour count
20181217488.9 100W installed 20181222
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