Laser Subcommittee Meeting 2020-12-19

  • Attendees: BlakeS, NickB, AdamM, FletcherB, BeauD, BenC
    • Next meeting(s): Four weeks: Saturday 14:00 ? OK
  • We'd still like red dot beam combiners, which would render getting a tube that has a built in aiming beam moot
  • LG500 Little Red (out-of-order)
    • Time to re-commission!
    • Requires air extraction, Y fitting
    • PC needs a new bios battery
    • LG500+KH7090 now share a chiller; and the same power switch (wall GPO)
      • Thanks to all who helped out!
    • Little red commissioning went a few steps forward but more work is required to have it running
  • KH7050 Kellogg/Middle
    • Cleaned lens
    • cutting 3mm MDF in centre of bed at 30mm/s
  • LC1290 Big Red
    • Moved: Back to courtyard wall
      • air tap on left, towards the rollerdoor
    • Cleaned lens
    • Clean and grease X rails, Y rails Hiwin HGN-15 style rails (15mm wide)
    • Test beam alignment top left, bottom right: identical!
      • Slightly top left of target
    • cutting 3mm MDF in centre of bed… cleanly, but only at 20-25mm/s - should be 45+mm/s
    • Ben: Diagnosed loss of bed level: there is vertical movement in the threaded rods under the bed
      • the rods are not attached to the bearings and can move vertically if there is sufficient room - the floor or the sheet metal of the LC1290 may not be fixed
      • the movement is limited, not an unlimited slipping of steps or teeth
        • the rods can be sitting flush down on the bearing, or may be raised up
      • Extra/thicker shims at the top could remove the slack space
    • Empty compressor tanks, water trap
      • TODO: KamilS has solenoid for auto-purge of main tank
        • stored in LC1290 control cavity
        • secondary tank and line trap will need occasional purge
    • Hour meter
      • The hour meter started from 1.6 hours, at 20171210 , 400-512 beam-active cutting hours per annum
DateHour count
20181217488.9 100W installed 20181222
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