Laser Subcommittee Meeting 2019-10-21

  • Attendees: NickB, FletcherB, GlennM, Jean-Michel, BlakeS
  • LC1290 Big Red
    • misalignment, adjustment to gantry, cracked lens, slight head drag, touching mirror caused grounding glitch affecting control buttons
    • TODO: Check mirror alignment, test focus
    • TODO: Cut large square to check for alignment and skew, limit switches
    • TODO: Install spare 63.5mm lens (fits long Z-probe)
    • update 2019-10-23: drain water trap, main compressor, secondary tank
  • KH7050 Kellogg/Middle
    • Damaged lens
      • TODO: Order 18mm diameter lenses
  • LG500 Little Red
    • TODO: Order new tube
      • New, improved (co-linear red targetting diode?) replacement about $500 delivered?
    • Chengdu Weegiant 60W CO2 laser tube, expected 2000h lifespan, lasted 5+ years - better than any of the 100W+ tubes!
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