Perth Artifactory


Laser Subcommittee Meeting 2019-07-03

  • Attendees: BlakeS, Fletcher, NickB
  • LC1290 Big Red
    • Cutting fine
  • LG500 Little Red
    • Cutting slowly: 4mm/s with 3mm MDF
      • Pristine condition with new tube >24mm/sec
      • Focus is bad
      • Blemish on partially silvered tube end
      • Chengdu Weegiant 60W CO2 laser tube, expected 2000h lifespan, lasted 5+ years - better than any of the 100W+ tubes!
      • New, improved (co-linear red targetting diode?) replacement about $500 delivered?
    • Using new lens “USA ZnSe Focusing Lens 50.8mm” - this is the $25 one
      • Was about 7mm/s for 3mm MDF when installed
    • Removed and looked reasonably clean
    • Trying “China ZnSe 63.5mm”
    • Tried the “China ZnSe 50.8”
      • Different height on focus target
      • Focus still poor
      • Loose nozzle-securing screw: stripped, replace&re-tap?