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 https://​​secure/​Dashboard.jspa?​selectPageId=10101 https://​​secure/​Dashboard.jspa?​selectPageId=10101
-<​file>​Issue Type,Issue key,Issue id,Parent id,Summary,​Assignee,​Reporter,​Priority,​Status,​Resolution,​Created,​Updated,Due Date +^Issue key^Summary^Status^Updated^ 
-Task,LASERS-1,10000,,Kellogg commissioning,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,03/Jan/19 2:49 PM,03/Jan/19 2:49 PM, +|LASERS-1|Kellogg commissioning|To Do|03/Jan/19 2:49 PM| 
-Sub-task,LASERS-2,​10001,​10000,​Fix z axis limits,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,03/Jan/19 2:51 PM,04/Jan/19 6:46 PM, +|LASERS-2|Fix z axis limits|To Do|04/Jan/19 6:46 PM| 
-Sub-task,LASERS-3,​10002,​10000,​Test importing DXFs to new laser software,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,03/Jan/19 3:03 PM,03/Jan/19 3:03 PM, +|LASERS-3|Test importing DXFs to new laser software|To Do|03/Jan/19 3:03 PM| 
-Task,LASERS-5,10013,,New checklist for laser operation,​fletcher,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,03/Jan/19 3:55 PM,03/Jan/19 3:57 PM, +|LASERS-5|New checklist for laser operation|To Do|03/Jan/19 3:57 PM| 
-Task,LASERS-6,10014,,New checklist for laser training,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,03/Jan/19 3:55 PM,03/Jan/19 3:55 PM, +|LASERS-6|New checklist for laser training|To Do|03/Jan/19 3:55 PM| 
-Task,LASERS-7,10025,,General Big Red maintenance ​,,​fletcher,​Low,​To Do,,04/Jan/19 12:04 PM,04/Jan/19 12:04 PM, +|LASERS-7|General Big Red maintenance|To Do|04/Jan/19 12:04 PM| 
-Task,LASERS-8,10047,,Connect smaller lasers to compressor,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,04/Jan/19 5:28 PM,04/Jan/19 5:28 PM, +|LASERS-8|Connect smaller lasers to compressor|To Do|04/Jan/19 5:28 PM| 
-Task,LASERS-9,10048,,Automate compressed air valves,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,04/Jan/19 5:29 PM,04/Jan/19 5:29 PM, +|LASERS-9|Automate compressed air valves|To Do|04/Jan/19 5:29 PM| 
-Sub-task,LASERS-10,​10054,​10000,​Price air extraction/​water loop tubing,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,05/Jan/19 4:42 PM,08/Feb/19 4:10 PM, +|LASERS-10|Price air extraction/​water loop tubing|To Do|08/Feb/19 4:10 PM| 
-Sub-task,LASERS-11,​10055,​10000,​Measure tubing lengths for install,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,05/Jan/19 4:43 PM,05/Jan/19 4:43 PM, +|LASERS-11|Measure tubing lengths for install|To Do|05/Jan/19 4:43 PM| 
-Sub-task,LASERS-12,​10056,​10000,​Extractor mount/​placement,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,05/Jan/19 4:44 PM,05/Jan/19 4:44 PM, +|LASERS-12|Extractor mount/​placement|To Do|05/Jan/19 4:44 PM| 
-Task,LASERS-14,10061,,Big Red head swap,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,08/Jan/19 8:09 PM,08/Jan/19 8:09 PM, +|LASERS-14|Big Red head swap|To Do|08/Jan/19 8:09 PM| 
-Task,LASERS-15,10062,,Big Red PSU swap,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,08/Jan/19 8:11 PM,08/Jan/19 8:18 PM, +|LASERS-15|Big Red PSU swap|To Do|08/Jan/19 8:18 PM| 
-Sub-task,LASERS-16,​10063,​10062,​Configure power,​fletcher,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,08/Jan/19 8:12 PM,08/Jan/19 8:13 PM, +|LASERS-16|Configure power|To Do|08/Jan/19 8:13 PM| 
-Sub-task,LASERS-17,​10064,​10062,​Mount LCD,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,08/Jan/19 8:14 PM,10/Jan/19 12:00 PM, +|LASERS-17|Mount LCD|To Do|10/Jan/19 12:00 PM| 
-Sub-task,LASERS-18,​10126,​10000,​Attach CW3000 chiller to Little Red,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,11/Feb/19 6:34 PM,11/Feb/19 6:35 PM, +|LASERS-18|Attach CW3000 chiller to Little Red|To Do|11/Feb/19 6:35 PM| 
-Sub-task,LASERS-19,​10127,​10000,​Attach CW8000 chiller to Kellogg,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,11/Feb/19 6:35 PM,11/Feb/19 6:35 PM, +|LASERS-19|Attach CW8000 chiller to Kellogg|To Do|11/Feb/19 6:35 PM| 
-Task,LASERS-20,10128,,Swap Big Red tube back to 130W,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,11/Feb/19 6:36 PM,11/Feb/19 6:36 PM, +|LASERS-20|Swap Big Red tube back to 130W|To Do|11/Feb/19 6:36 PM| 
-Task,LASERS-21,10129,,Replace Big Red head,,​fletcher,​Medium,​To Do,,11/Feb/19 6:37 PM,11/Feb/19 6:37 PM,+|LASERS-21|Replace Big Red head|To Do|11/Feb/19 6:37 PM|
-TEMPLATE: +---- 
-|Task |LASERS-1 | Kellogg commissioning |Medium |Actions| +
-|Sub-task |LASERS-2 | LASERS-1 Fix z axis limits |Medium |Actions| +
-|Sub-task |LASERS-3 | LASERS-1 Test importing DXFs to new laser software |Medium |Actions| +
-|Task |LASERS-5 | New checklist for laser operation |Medium |Actions| +
-|Task |LASERS-6 | New checklist for laser training |Medium |Actions| +
-|...||||| +
-</​file>​ +
- +
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