Laser Subcommittee Meeting 2019-01-14

  • Attendees: NickB
    • Apologies: BlakeS, FletcherB
  • G.Weike LC1290/Big Red
    • Cutting 3mm MDF at 50+mm/sec, centre of bed
    • Empty compressor tanks
  • G.Weike LG500/Little Red
    • Cutting 3mm MDF at 12mm/sec, centre of bed

Recent orders:

WhatPriceWith lemmingOver cheapestLinkNotesStatusPaidAddressETA
Option 1MYJG-150W312.774312.7740 model number as existing (but may not be the exact same unit)
Option 2HY-W150366.223366.22353.449 250V directly
Option 3HY-Z150459.23399.23146.456 direct current reading, 250VPurchasedAU$ 459.23Fletcher's house10 Jan to 16 Jan
Glasses33.9767.94 cool style, two setsPurchasedAUD 78.22Blake's parcel locker11 Jan to 18 Jan
Kellog 1CW50001088 28 Dec. and Wed. 30 Jan
Kellog 2CW3000399 14 Jan. and Tue. 19 Feb
Kellog 3CW3000203.1 daysPurchasedAU $227.91Blake's parcel locker23 Jan to 14 Feb
Head$ 70.44Blake's parcel lockersoonish
Big Red PanelPAD03-E buttons and screen. DonationShippedUSD $67.10Blake's parcel locker1 Jan to 29 Jan

Jira issues:

Key Summary P
Task LASERS-1 Kellogg commissioning Medium Actions
Sub-task LASERS-2 LASERS-1 Fix z axis limits Medium Actions
Sub-task LASERS-3 LASERS-1 Test importing DXFs to new laser software Medium Actions
Task LASERS-5 New checklist for laser operation Medium Actions
Task LASERS-6 New checklist for laser training Medium Actions
Task LASERS-7 General Big Red maintenance Low Actions
Task LASERS-8 Connect smaller lasers to compressor Medium Actions
Task LASERS-9 Automate compressed air valves Medium Actions
Sub-task LASERS-10 LASERS-1 Price air extraction/water loop tubing Medium Actions
Sub-task LASERS-11 LASERS-1 Measure tubing lengths for install Medium Actions
Sub-task LASERS-12 LASERS-1 Extractor mount/placement Medium Actions
Sub-task LASERS-13 LASERS-1 Order chiller Medium Actions
Task LASERS-14 Big Red head swap Medium Actions
Task LASERS-15 Big Red PSU swap Medium Actions
Sub-task LASERS-16 LASERS-15 Configure power Medium Actions
Sub-task LASERS-17 LASERS-15 Mount LCD Medium Actions
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