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 +====== Laser Subcommittee Meeting 2018-07-30 ======
 +  * Blake, Glenn, Kamil, Jason
 +  * Little red
 +    * Was cutting a bit slower ~8mm/s for 3mm MDF at top right and bottom left
 +    * Checked heights and adjusted offset from 10mm to 9mm and seemed to improve
 +    * Cutting at around 13mm/s for 3mm MDF
 +    * Still overcurrent at 24mA
 +    * Still tube change being pursued
 +      * Require end extension
 +      * Require tube mounts
 +  * Big red
 +    * No maintenance actions. Seemed to be cutting fine.
 +  * Kellogg the KH7050B
 +    * Kamil has installed door sensors. Wired up one to Steve'​s interlock board. ​
 +      * When door closed, fancy interlock sensor flash red-green. When open interlock shows green.
 +      * Interlock board shows 24V and 5V power lights. When interlock sensor closed, no input detected (and no output)
 +      * Tried scope on interlock line (had been told to expect square wave when closed) but saw nothing but noise
 +      * Tried unscrewing the mating piece from interlock and waving close to sensor to see if sensitive about distance - no effect
 +      * Tried the mating piece from other interlock and performs the same (flashing red-green)
 +      * Need to try removing the active piece of interlock to see if its interference from Kellogg chassis causing problem.
 +      * Or is it interlock board?
 +      * Need to pull out an interlock and take a look on work bench again.
 +    * Discussion on z-axis drive
 +      * Kamil has a larger stepper and driver on order
 +      * Concern that it will be large enough to strip belt
 +      * Considering getting larger diameter pulleys for each pole to increase torque on rods
 +      * Also considering replacing the ball bearing rollers at each end of pole since inspection shows they are rough (not rolling well)
 +    * Need to get a spare set of belts for Kellogg too - especially if we might strip z-axis belt.
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