Laser Subcommittee Meeting 2018-06-04


  • Blake, Nick


  • Little red
    • Cutting fine at around 12mm/s for 3mm MDF
    • Tube change being pursued
      • Require end extension
      • Require tube mounts
  • Big red
    • Was cutting badly <40mm/s for 3mm MDF
      • Tried head heights from 18mm to 22mm and at no height did it cut well
      • Focus looked bad
    • Inspected lens and found it dirty
    • Cleaning lens has helped
    • Drawing about 31mA when cutting
      • Too high - our limit is 26mA
      • Max power was set 85%. Reduced to 65% and saved and downloaded.
      • Also had to redownload job to get new max power to be effective
      • Back to 25mA now
    • After cleaning lens, cut speed slowed after several cuts
    • Replaced lens and found that improved things
    • Optimal nozzle to material height between 19mm and 20mm. Offset set to 14mm to achieve this by z datum.
    • Cut speeds up to 55mm/s on 3mm MDF
    • Hour meter 181.65 hours
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