Laser subcommittee meeting 2017-07-24
  • Present: Glenn, Nick
    • Apologies: none
  • Next Meeting 21th August (postponed a week to 28th August)
  • LC1290 lens clean: short focal lens may risk dirtying faster
  • LC1290 clean&level bed
  • Spares: Red silicone Tubing: extra HV insulation for LG500 now here
    • HV silicone tubing
      • Current tubing is not original: recent grey silicone installed from HV PSU to laser head on LC1290
      • Hobby store fuel tubing is too thin? Thick red tubing from Autobarn: $30?
  • Both LG500 and LC1290 have a MPC6515 / MPC6515C-CPUV1.0 controller board
    • 24V nominal
    • Test output Y2: LASER output connector: 4 pins
MPC 6515 Connector Y2 LASER output connector: 4 pins
Pin 1 GND
Pin 2 “Analogue out” DA; 0V idle; 1.4V while laser firing
Pin 3 “Laser power” not connected; 2.6V on board header
Pin 4 Laser ON/OFF signal; 4.1V idle; pulls to 0v while laser firing
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