Laser subcommittee meeting 2017-06-26
  • Present: Glenn, Nick
  • Next Meeting 24th July
  • New cheaper lenses arrived: 2*50.8mm, 3*63.5mm nominal
    • Approx. AUD$15 each after shipping
    • No need to install today
    • NOTIFY if installed, we need to know if they perform and last as expected
  • LC1290 clean&level bed
  • Ordered clear silicone Tubing, spare for water hose and extra HV insulation
    • HV silicone tubing
      • Current tubing is not original: recent grey silicone installed from HV PSU to laser head
      • Hobby store fuel tubing is too thin? Thick red tubing from Autobarn: $30?
      • Confirm with Jim: spare clear tube has arrived?
  • Glenn made spare case keys, A1 Locksmiths, Morley. 4 copies made: will bring them in to be placed into the safe
    • One on green mini-spanner keyring
  • Lasercutter safety report is resolved
  • There may have been an issue with the Stop button on big red - Will check with Jim

Machine inspection and tests

  • LC1290 main hinge repair: done Wednesday 2017-06-07!
    • 2* new gas struts still needed, photo of model numbers/293mm fully extended pivot point to pivot point, 114mm of movement, 800 Newtons
    • Right side 120mm 240V 0.1A = 24W exhaust fan; slight noise
    • Clean&level bed, cutting 6mm MDF@18-22mm/sec; 9mm MDF @11-15mm/sec
      • 15mm gap nozzle to target after Z-datum
    • Empty compressor water
  • Add weather strip, light baffles?
  • LG500 cutting is running the same, 11-12mm/second on 3mm MDF, despite recently cleaned mirrors and swapped lens
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