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Laser subcommittee 2017-05-39

Next Meeting 26th June

Ordered silicon Tubing - not arrived yet.

Glenn to look at sourcing some keys Nick has found some cheap lenses - will order 2 of each focal length.

It has been mentioned that an email regarding lasercutter safety - namely there are issues impacting on safety. Mitch has documented a list of issues and proposed fixes. Sub-committee will take this to main committee for further guidance and clarification.

We would like clarification specifically on legislation and documentation. Will report back after main committee meeting next week.

Nick will pick up some HV silicon tubing - red.

There may have been an issue with the Stop button on big red - Jim will investigate.

Laser subcommittee meeting 2017-05-03


Nick is stepping down as Secretary of the laser sub-committee – thanks for all your great work!! Jim is now secretary – effective immediately Next meeting 29th May at 6:30


Spare lenses Nick will order the following lenses 50.3mm x 1 63mm x 2 Mirrors – Have enough at present Silicon tubing – Jim has ordered 10m (ID – 7mm x OD – 10mm) Door Keys – Jim will arrange for spare keys to be cut Beam combiner – Nick to source laser beam combiner


Jim will work on bringing the list of trainers up to date


Jim to investigate access what is required for automated control mechanism

Previous minutes 2017-03-22 follow

Laser subcommittee meeting 2017-03-22
  • Jim, Nick, Glenn Martin
  • artifactory-laser list: Currently viewable by public, members are the subcommittee
  • New Y-axis driver has arrived
    • Install into LG500!
  • New 1 GaAs lens (thanks Steve!) - no need to install right now, assuming it's a 2“ focus
    • Install into LC1290, should be better on 6mm and up
  • Maintenance: schedule
    • Bed level, height adjustment
    • Mirror alignment&clean
    • Lens clean
  • Review member training list on wiki
    • Train up trainers on maintenance
  • Next subcommittee meeting: Wednesday 20170419-1830
  • Carried forward:
    • Can we find/replace the missing access keys? Only 2 of 6? remain
    • Monitor/backup PC config
    • 1 fresh spare lens: want 2 * 50.8mm + 2 * 63.5mm
      • Regarded as a consumable
      • Want list of spares on the wiki
      • Resolved: buy some!
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