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Laser subcommittee meeting 2017-05-03
    • Nick is stepping down as Secretary of the laser sub-committee – thanks for all your great work!!
    • Jim is now secretary - effective immediately
    • Next meeting 29th May at 6:30
    • Spare lenses Nick will order the following lenses 50.3mm x 1 63mm x 2
    • Mirrors - Have enough at present
    • Silicone tubing - Jim has ordered 10m (ID – 7mm x OD – 10mm)
    • Door Keys - Jim will arrange for spare keys to be cut
    • Beam combiner - Nick to source laser beam combiner
    • Jim will work on bringing the list of trainers up to date
  • LASERBOT - RFID logging/logons
    • Jim to investigate access what is required for automated control mechanism
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