Laser subcommittee meeting 2016-11-30

Present: Nick, Jim

  • Area Host: Jim will do this
  • Lasercutter PCs are no speed demons, slow when rendering large designs
    • Big Red: DESKTOP-077HO2R; DELL Optiplex 780; Win10; Core2Duo 2.93GHz; 4GiB RAM; 120GB HDD; static DHCP; MAC 84:2B:2B:BC:3C:28
    • LG500/Little Red: lasercutter-1; DELL Optiplex GX520; WinXP; Pentium-4 2.8GHz; 1.5GiB RAM; 40GB HDD; static DHCP; MAC 00:12:3F:C8:16:18
  • Big Red Jilin Yongli A2 80W tube cutting at 32mA
  • Too high! Who set this?
    • Was LaserMaxPower=85 → 32mA
    • Now LaserMaxPower=65 → 25mA (26mA is recommended for a full 10000 hour lifespan)
  • Dust extraction
    • LG500 host burst, now upgraded - thanks Lemming!
    • LC1290 to do
  • Spare parts wanted:
    • Lens: 50mm, 63.5mm focus
    • Beam combiner?
  • Announce install/test of new Reci W6 130W tube
    • Distilled water
    • Isopropyl alcohol, cleaning wipes
    • Align&test, planning for periodic maintenance sessions
    • Fix current mA meter mounting
  • Review goals:

Short term goals

  • 150W tube for LC1290 (Big Red)
    • Arrived, needs testing: next meeting
  • Formally schedule periodic preventative laser maintenance
    • Aim for monthly, starting after next fortnight
  • Update signs:
    • /mnt/storage/shared/Committee/AreaHosts/AreaHost_LaserCutter.odt
    • /mnt/storage/shared/Committee/AreaHosts/AreaHost_LaserCutter/laser-checklist-infographic.20151201.svg

Medium term goals

  • Get test version of laserbot RFID working again (with internal access logging)
    • Want to have prototype and development/spare units available for trial, help wanted
    • Have access to both machines logged by laser bot, controlled later
  • All laser trainers trained for and they participate in scheduled preventative laser maintenance.
  • Implement laser “currency” and periodic training (especially when procedures change)
  • Improve known-good stock levels

Long term goals

  • Charging for both laser cutters controlled by laserbot RFID system
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