Laser subcommittee meeting 2016-08-13

Present: Nick, Mitch, Steve

  • Agreed on the proposed terms of reference to be presented to the next committee.
  • ACTION Mitch to get replacement RPI for big red access control if required (replacement from Jaycar)
  • For current, trained members with door access, their door access card will be their laser access card. They will be able to operate the laser on credit.
  • For current, trained members without door access we contemplate offering an access card (which may be used in the future as a door access card) for $5. They will be able to use the laser on credit.
  • For trained day-members, cards will be sold at a price of $25 with $20 of non-refundable credit on them. They will not be able to use the cutters on credit and any amount they put on the cards will not be refundable.
  • The intent that laser credit becomes “space bucks” and is used for paying for other stuff at the space. In the long term this may be the main (perhaps only) way to buy things. We may need to contemplate “credit limits” in the case of lost or stolen cards. (this is outside the laser subcommittee domain)
  • We will discuss roles and responsibilities of members wrt contacting suppliers at a later meeting.
  • The access control on big red is currently in bypass mode due to hardware issues which will be addressed later today.
  • Recommend the IT subcommittee determine a policy for logging from the doorbot and laserbot (and any future bots). In the interim we will stop posting detailed logs with names to a public IRC channel from the laserbot. In its place a the detailed information will be available on a web page accessible from the wireless network inside the space and non-identifying information will be available publicly (“a known card”, “an unknown card”).
  • ACTION Steve to contact IT subcommittee.
  • Big red is not engraving
  • Little red is cutting poorly.
  • When Adam returns from China we will get him to show us how to get laser usage information. This will be documented on the laser subcommittee page.
  • The laser subcommittee will be informed when the 150W tube arrives and it will NOT be installed unless all members of the subcommittee have been given ample opportunity to participate. All members will be notified via the artifactory-core mailing list of the installation, but no specific allowance will be made as to their availability.
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