Hardware and Software Setup Standards

Security Cameras

Access is based on a hierarchical system. If a tier has access to a server it is assumed that tiers above that also have access unless otherwise stated.


  1. Members
  2. IT Subcommittee
  3. Specific Officeholders
  4. IT Officer


Unless otherwise noted auth is controlled by Userify.

Use Used for general Unix access to the space. Can also be used for tunneling if desired.
SSH Members+
Root IT Subcommittee+
OS Ubuntu 18.04
Hostname newcore


  • Port forwarded to XXX
Use Runs the SMB share available in the space
SSH IT Subcommittee+
Root IT Subcommittee+
OS Ubuntu 18.04
Hostname filer


  • 32G sda (OS), 750G sdb (files, /mnt/shared)
  • Running SMB
Use Records footage from the security cameras
SSH Specific Officeholders
Root Specific Officeholders
OS Ubuntu 14.04
Hostname nvr


  • 32G sda (OS), 750G sdb (footage, /mnt/footage)
  • Running UniFi Video 1.3.5 as unifi-video


The UniFi Video installation hostname is NVR and is listening via https on 7443 User accounts are created individually, contact the IT officer if you believe you should have access.

This process applies to Ubiquiti cameras that connect to our NVR

Set the camera to DHCP and configure details via {pfsense} to

  • name: cam-$location

Set the camera credentials to the ones found in the IT KeePass database under Security.

Use the NVR to adopt the camera

Camera setup:

  • Record mode: motion
  • Quality: High
  • Seconds before/after: 10
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