The IT Governance framework is a work in progress developed by the IT Coordinator. It's purpose is to align a framework of IT ideals to the Artifactory operations.

Documentation -All Artifactory owned devices connected to the network must have clear documentation on the Wiki -Documentation must include

  1. IP Address where applicable
  2. Intended purpose
  3. Any integrations or dependencies and how they interact
  4. Basic troubleshooting
  5. Who takes ownership of the device (for shared devices IT Subcommittee)

-All Artifactory Online Services must be documented on the Wiki -Documentation must include

  1. Purpose of the service
  2. Details for access
  3. Any integrations or dependencies and how they interact
  4. Who takes ownership for the service (for shared devices IT Subcommittee)

Change Management -Any changes to the IT Infrastructure or Services must be approved by the IT Coordinator

Password Management -All account logins will be stored in a LastPass shared with Chairman, Treasurer and IT Coordinator -Additional passwords may be stored in a shared account for IT Subcommittee

Online Accounts -A management email account will be used as an Administrator account for all online services. This account will only be accessible to the Chairman, Treasurer and IT Coordinator -Access to services should be delegated to individual accounts where possible instead of using the maser admin account -All Artifactory subscription services will be subscribed using an Artifactory managed email address using a unique password per subscription -All passwords are to be recorded as per Password Governance -Online accounts include but not limited to: Social Media, IT Services, Supplier/Vendor Logins

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