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IT Infrastructure subcommittee page


Membership of Andrew, Nick (sec), Lemming, Justin R, Steven T. agreed at Committee meeting 2016-11-09

Secretary: Nick B


The Artifactory provides free wireless access to members and users of the space. There are two wifi networks: artifactory and artifactory-5ghz, both of which use the same WPA2 password that's printed up around the space.

Our uplink to the outside world is via an NBN VDSL account with TPG link (please note their Terms and Conditions).

Within the space, the various workstations are networked together (so you can prepare designs for the swarf-o-mat and lasercutters) and have access to shared storage on filer.

Terms of Reference (proposed)

  1. Make recommendations to the main committee on all aspects of IT Infrastructure.
  2. Maintain and document the current IT infrastructure.
  3. Provide IT support to the Management Committee as required (e.g. Committee wiki access, etc.).
  4. Scheduling operational and preventative maintenance including IT security management.
  5. Organising the ordering and installation of replacement IT hardware and software within a budget determined by the main committee.

Minutes of meetings

Short term goals

  • Connection to NBN under constraints defined by the Management Committee [DONE, Oct 2016]
  • Determine subcommittee method of operation and appoint a secretary. [Membership done, Nov 2016]
  • Update subcommittee page and goals as required. [ongoing]
  • Document existing systems

Medium term goals

Long term goals

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