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Infrastructure Subcommittee

Last updated 2019.01.30

The Infrastructure Subcommittee is responsible for coordinating the following:

  • Project Leads for upgrades and repairs within the space
  • Assistance for assigned Project Leads
  • Internal funding proposals for space builds and repair costs
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Management Committee provided that they are accepted by the subcommittee chair

The group will be loosely co-ordinated by the subcommittee chair. Individual projects will be co-ordinated by a designated Project Lead or another method determined by the subcommittee.

The Infrastructure Subcommittee chair and the Management Committee have the ability to add or remove members of the subcommittee.

The Infrastructure Subcommittee chair is appointed by the Management Committee.

The Infrastructure Subcommittee may request funds from the Management Committee. If approved the subcommittee may designate expense authority within the subcommittee subject to approval by the Treasurer.

The Management Committee authorises the subcommittee to waive tool usage fees when working on projects that are inline with the responsibilities of the subcommittee.

The subcommittee may requisition space within The Artifactory provided that any subcommittee materials do not interfere with scheduled events or the activites of Artifactory Members. This requisition must be upheld at the next meeting of the Management Committee in order to continue. It is the responsibility of the subcommittee chair to notify the Secretary that a requisition has taken place.

The subcommittee will determine their own communication procedures.

A determination made by the subcommittee is to be made by a simple majority of subcommittee members.

This section may be modified by the subcommittee using the existing process for subcommittee determinations.


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