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-======Infrastructure ​Subcommittee====== +===== Infrastructure ​subcommittee page ===== 
-brainstorming subcommittee ​for identifying ​now and future physical and IT infrastructure needs of the Perth Artifactory.+ 
 +** Note ** I'm not sure this subcommittee has a good name.  Is it a brainstorming subcommittee, does it look after infrastructure not looked after by other subcommittees (or area hosts), or is it both, or perhaps is it something else?  DO we need to create more than one subcmmittee here? 
 +=== Role === 
 +The main role of the Infrastructure subcommittee is to brainstorm to identifying ​new and future physical and IT infrastructure needs of the Perth Artifactory. 
 +Past/​Current Projects 
 +  *[[projects:​start|Projects]] 
 +  *[[start:​|Big Schemes for the Space]] 
 +=== Members === 
 +Membership of //insert members here// agreed at Committee meeting 13/8/2016 
 +Secretary: //insert member here// 
 +Note that due to the rules concerning the quorum requirements of subcommittees,​ the formal membershp must be small, and the terms of reference describe the importance of observers and their participartory role. 
 +=== Terms of Reference (proposed) === 
 +  - To provide a forum for brainstorming of new ideas. 
 +  - The primary role of the formal members of the Infrastructure subcommittee is to facilitate. 
 +  - The formal members of the Infrastructure subcommittee are to keep minutes to the extent that they allow the Management Committee to be aware of any projects which may require funding, large amounts of space, or have any other significant impact on the running of the space. 
 +  - The Infrastructure subcommittee DOES NOT have a role in approving new projects unless they impact facilities managed by the Infrastructure committee (note that the main committee, other subcommittees and/or Area hosts may need to approve in some cases). 
 +  - The infrastructure subcommittee does not manage any facilities. 
 +  - To have regular brainstorming meetings on "Wine and Design"​ nights. 
 +  - To minute any brainstorming even if a quorum is not present. 
 +=== Minutes of meetings === 
       * Coming [[infrastructure_meeting_2016.07.20]]       * Coming [[infrastructure_meeting_2016.07.20]]
       * [[infrastructure_meeting_2016.06.22]]       * [[infrastructure_meeting_2016.06.22]]
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       * [[infrastructure_meeting_2016.03.30]]       * [[infrastructure_meeting_2016.03.30]]
-Past/​Current Projects +=== Short term goals === 
-  *[[projects:​start|Projects]] + 
-  *[[start:​|Big Schemes for the Space]]+  * Determine subcommittee method of operation and appoint a secretary. 
 +  * Update subcommittee page and goals as required. 
 +=== Medium term goals === 
 +=== Long term goals === 
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