• Only members are entitled to store materials on these material racks.
  • Materials are required to be dated with the full name of the owner and date stored
  • Materials are permitted to stay on the rack for a maximum of three months from the date marked. The owner may update the date if material is partially used.
  • Materials that over-stay their time, belong to an ex-member after notice period has lasped or are outsize the size limits are subject to being discarded or placed on the hack rack by a Committee member.
  • Limit per member of Members are limited to 10 pieces or 100mm thick of material whichever is greater. point broken here into new point
  • Sheets may not exceed 900mm x 1200mm.
  • With skeletons removed, individual pieces must be larger than roughly A3 in size).
  • Member Storage Officer & Committee will conduct audits of the materials racks as required.

This policy was last updated 2019-05-25

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