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Post links to parts suppliers here. As a newbie, half the time it can be a challenge to find bits for your CNC machine, Arduino, etc … or even know they exist!

Altronics Local supplier (Northbridge / Balcatta) - now with Arduino gear! - Mention you are part of “Perth Artifactory Inc.” for discount!
Toys Down Under Your (very) local dealer for AVR MCU's and a range of Arduino bits
OzStick Arcade machine components, awesome clicky feel buttons!
Deal Extreme Bargain basement HK-based bit of everything
SparkFun Electronics Arduinos, components
RS Components Huge catalogue with trade pricing and industry guarantees
Element 14 Almost every electronic part you can think of
Seeed Depot cheap awesome, technical; I think there 'duino clones are better than Arduinos
Sainsmart cheapest large LED matrix supplier, cheapest relay board supplier



Electronics, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Sensors, Servos, etc


CNC Bits:

Resins, Silicones, Moulding Supplies:

Acrylic, Wood, Offcuts and other Upcycleables :

Bolts, washers, threaded rod :


  • - Kewdale - plate, sheet, bar, rod, tube, right angle, black, painted, galv - delivery only $60 (especially good when lengths are typically 6.5 - 8.5m although they will usually cut to a few lengths to make pickup easier)
  • - Osborne Park - not as cheap as above but local and you can usually get short lengths (or bits out of the off-cut bucket) for a bit of cash

Non Ferrous

Salvage (Steel, Wood, Building Materials)

Band saw Blades and Woodworking tools

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