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REmida is an “Creative Use Recycling Center” close to the corner of Charles and Newcastle streets. It collects offcuts of wood, metal, rubber, plastic, acrylic, cloth material, coloured cardboard, blots, screws, and all kinds of stuff from companies around Perth, and makes it available for members to simply take and make stuff. It's well worth a look on a regular basis as their supplies change regularly with the ebb and flow of offcuts from all over Perth.

The Artifactory had previously maintained a group membership for the REmida. This was not viable to maintain during early 2014 and due to minimal use, the committee has decided to promote individual memberships with REmida as for a hobbyist / family it is $76 per year as of October 2014 - see REmida's membership website.

Check their opening hours carefully!

A Map and much more info about REmida is available on their website:

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