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Amusing things people have said around the space :)

“Don't think; build!” - Skot

“Safety Third” - Everyone.

“I had a battery fire in my pencil case” - Brett Downing

“When you break a magnet in half you get two, like a starfish” - Warren

“Then there was that time i got hit by lightning” - John

“Legend has it that the Artifactory was started because Brett ran out of room in his pencil case” - Warren

“Can I have some help lifting the mushroom?” - Jenna

“Don't touch that: it's a structural toothpick!” - Daniel

“What the blazes- I'm sitting next to a bag eyeballs!!” - Brett

“Steampunk is what you get when Goths discover brown” - SKot

“The size of the problem is indirectly proportional to the size of the laser” - Chris Hall

“Who does the box of headless soft toys belong to?” - Unknown

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