Tool Room V2

The current tool room is unlikely to withstand the scrutiny of an engineering inspection, which we will be incurring in the next 6-8 months as part of our ongoing quest for public building status, to this end a project has been raised to design and build a new toolroom with a mezzanine level on top for additional member storage and sitting space.

The design phase of the project has been outsourced to the current batch of Diploma level mechanical engineering students at Challenger Institute of Technology under the supervision of Ross Jarvis, the senior lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. The design will be fully costed, scheduled and run through testing and simulation and a report provided.

Details to be provided when the design is more complete, total costing for the project is estimated as $2500-3000 if the high-end cladding is used. It is strongly recommended that this is used as its sound dampening properties are brilliant.

Construction will be performed in 2 phases, the first phase will involve the prefabrication of frames by a coded welder at the Challenger Fabrication Workshop in Henderson, the frames will be subjected to magnetic particle testing for defects before being installed.

The second phase is the assembly, the entire structure is designed to be freestanding and easily disassembled for transport should we need to move, it will however need to be fixed to the slab with chemical anchors. The Diploma students have volunteered to come in and assist with the assembly if sausages are available.

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