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Doctor Vellocet, aka SKoT McDonald, reowned electrostolic-gizmologist and devil-may-care adventuring-type-person.


Doctor Vellocet's Steam-powered Ostrich. “Your Personal Antarctic Avian” ™. “Steam Ostrich” for short. Or “The Turkey” (read: White Elephant) when Dr V is wondering where all his time and money is going.


Because if you tried to explore the Antarctic wastes with normal Ostrich, it wouldn't survive, silly.

Are you crazy


  • 2 walker-legs
  • neck-mounted tea-pot head for dispensing reviving Tea even in the more inhospitable environments
  • Side mounted auto-loading chain-fed machine-nerf-run for dispensing bursts of civilizing nerf upon any savages/endangered species/irreplaceable archaeological treasures.
  • Plush velvet seat
  • Missile switch!
  • 4 port exhaust stack (wonky). Construction: cardboard toilet tubes, angle-cut at ends and hot-glued together for welding effect. One has a rain-protection witches' hat.
  • GSPA Steampunk Ball, July 30th 2011 @ Scitech, Perth!

OriginalDrawing Hot Glue Welding Soot MDF Days Nerf Upholstry Plush Cabin Legs Painting

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