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 =====Steam Ostrich===== =====Steam Ostrich=====
-===What=== +==Who== 
-Doctor Vellocet's Steam Powered Ostrich. "Your Personal Antarctic Avian" (tm)+Doctor Vellocet, aka [[user:skot|SKoT McDonald]], reowned electrostolic-gizmologist and devil-may-care adventuring-type-person. 
 +Doctor Vellocet's Steam-powered Ostrich. "Your Personal Antarctic Avian" (tm). "Steam Ostrich" for short. Or "The Turkey" (read: White Elephant) when Dr V is wondering where all his time and money is going.
 Because if you tried to explore the Antarctic wastes with normal Ostrich, it wouldn't survive, silly. Because if you tried to explore the Antarctic wastes with normal Ostrich, it wouldn't survive, silly.
-===Are you crazy===+==Are you crazy==
 Probably. Probably.
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   * Plush velvet seat   * Plush velvet seat
   * Missile switch!   * Missile switch!
-  * 4 port exhaust stack (wonky)+  * 4 port exhaust stack (wonky). Construction: cardboard toilet tubes, angle-cut at ends and hot-glued together for welding effect. One has a rain-protection witches' hat. 
-====Appearences==== +====Trickery==== 
-  * GSPA Steampunk Ball, July 30th 2011 @ Scitech, Perth! + 
 +  * Welding effect - thanks to Jenna! - Using "bunched up" lines of hot glue applied to sheets of MDF for the 3D texture, then coating in a solid under layer of black paint, followed by rapid dry brushing of silver and just a hint of gold for a slightly bronzy/brassy look. 
 +  * iron exhaust pipes - toilet rolls. "Pipe kinks" achieved by cutting ends cut on slight diagonals, and hot gluing for bonus welding. 
 +  * Legs moved by virtue of Ostrich ankles tied to actors. 
 +  * GSPA Steampunk Ball, July 30th 2011 @ Scitech, Perth  
 +  * GSPA Steampunk Ball, April 2012 @ Cabaret Cave, Yanchep  
 +  * DeVille's pad, 29th Dec 2012 
 +  * Mad Hatter's tea party, March 2012 @ Northbridge Piazza 
 +  * Artifactory Residency @ Northbridge Piazza, April 2012 
 +  * WORLD LAND SPEED RECORD (for steam ostriches) @ Lake Ballard, Oct 2011 
 +====More Info==== 
 +  * Steam Ostrich now has her own Facebook Page, chronicling her adventures: 
 +  * Two more Steam Ostriches are under construction - the fleet grows(Nov 2012)
 ====Photos==== ====Photos====
-{{:projects:steamostrichhotglueweld.jpg?400x300|Hot Glue Welding}} {{:projects:steamostrichsoot.jpg?400x300|Soot}}+{{:projects:steamosterich0001.jpg?400x300|OriginalDrawing}} {{:projects:steamostrichhotglueweld.jpg?400x300|Hot Glue Welding}} {{:projects:steamostrichsoot.jpg?400x300|Soot}}
 {{:projects:steamostrichmdf1.jpg?400x300|MDF Days}} {{:projects:steamostrichnerf.jpg?400x300|Nerf}}  {{:projects:steamostrichmdf1.jpg?400x300|MDF Days}} {{:projects:steamostrichnerf.jpg?400x300|Nerf}} 
 {{:projects:steamostrichupholstry.jpg?400x300|Upholstry}} {{:projects:steamostrichcabin.jpg?400x300|Plush Cabin}} {{:projects:steamostrichupholstry.jpg?400x300|Upholstry}} {{:projects:steamostrichcabin.jpg?400x300|Plush Cabin}}
 +{{:projects:steamostrichlegcoppering.jpg?400x300|Legs Painting}}
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