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-===Steam Ostrich===+=====Steam Ostrich=====
 +Doctor Vellocet, aka [[user:skot|SKoT McDonald]], reowned electrostolic-gizmologist and devil-may-care adventuring-type-person. 
 +Doctor Vellocet's Steam-powered Ostrich. "Your Personal Antarctic Avian" (tm). "Steam Ostrich" for short. Or "The Turkey" (read: White Elephant) when Dr V is wondering where all his time and money is going.
-Doctor Vellocet's Steam Powered Ostrich. "Your Antarctic Avian"+==Why==
-====Why====+Because if you tried to explore the Antarctic wastes with normal Ostrich, it wouldn't survive, silly.
-Because if you tried to explore the Antarctic wastes with normal ostrich, it wouldn't survive, silly.+==Are you crazy==
-====Are you crazy==== +Probably.
- +
 ====Facilities==== ====Facilities====
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   * Plush velvet seat   * Plush velvet seat
   * Missile switch!   * Missile switch!
-  * 4 port exhaust stack (wonky)+  * 4 port exhaust stack (wonky). Construction: cardboard toilet tubes, angle-cut at ends and hot-glued together for welding effect. One has a rain-protection witches' hat.  
 +  * Welding effect - thanks to Jenna! - Using "bunched up" lines of hot glue applied to sheets of MDF for the 3D texture, then coating in a solid under layer of black paint, followed by rapid dry brushing of silver and just a hint of gold for a slightly bronzy/brassy look. 
 +  * iron exhaust pipes - toilet rolls. "Pipe kinks" achieved by cutting ends cut on slight diagonals, and hot gluing for bonus welding. 
 +  * Legs moved by virtue of Ostrich ankles tied to actors. 
 +  * GSPA Steampunk Ball, July 30th 2011 @ Scitech, Perth  
 +  * GSPA Steampunk Ball, April 2012 @ Cabaret Cave, Yanchep  
 +  * DeVille's pad, 29th Dec 2012 
 +  * Mad Hatter's tea party, March 2012 @ Northbridge Piazza 
 +  * Artifactory Residency @ Northbridge Piazza, April 2012 
 +  * WORLD LAND SPEED RECORD (for steam ostriches) @ Lake Ballard, Oct 2011 
 +====More Info==== 
 +  * Steam Ostrich now has her own Facebook Page, chronicling her adventures: 
 +  * Two more Steam Ostriches are under construction - the fleet grows! (Nov 2012) 
-{{:projects:steamostrichmdf1.jpg?400x300|MDF Days}} {{:projects:steamostrichcabin.jpg?400x300|Plush Cabin}} {{:projects:steamostrichnerf.jpg?400x300|Nerf}} {{:projects:steamostrichupholstry.jpg?400x300|Upholstry}}+{{:projects:steamosterich0001.jpg?400x300|OriginalDrawing}} {{:projects:steamostrichhotglueweld.jpg?400x300|Hot Glue Welding}} {{:projects:steamostrichsoot.jpg?400x300|Soot}} 
 +{{:projects:steamostrichmdf1.jpg?400x300|MDF Days}} {{:projects:steamostrichnerf.jpg?400x300|Nerf}}  
 +{{:projects:steamostrichupholstry.jpg?400x300|Upholstry}} {{:projects:steamostrichcabin.jpg?400x300|Plush Cabin}} 
 +{{:projects:steamostrichlegcoppering.jpg?400x300|Legs Painting}}
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