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 (left to right) (left to right)
-SKoT McDonald (exoskeleton), Morgan Strong (documentation), Meg Travers (theremin)Tim Gilchrist (LEDs),   Craig Wales (3d prototyping & rendering)+SKoT McDonald (exoskeleton), Morgan Strong (documentation), Tim Gilchrist (LEDs), Meg Travers (theremin, dead-drop), Craig Wales (3d prototyping & rendering); being awarded the Prize by Director General of the WA Department of Culture and the Arts, Duncan Ord.
 ===Why:===  ===Why:=== 
 a $5000 cheque-carrot. Also Art. Also Blinky. a $5000 cheque-carrot. Also Art. Also Blinky.
 +Do who want a BollART of your own? Do you want to display BollART?
 **Contact:** [[ | EMAIL US]] **Contact:** [[ | EMAIL US]]
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