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-====== BollART: The Sonic Bollard ====== 
-**What:** A prototype art-bollard with a theremin, dead-drop WIFI music share, interactive theremin-driven LEDs, and a Gothamesque shell cut on the laser cutter. An artistic bollard, or BollART, re-imagines the mundane Urban Bollard Space as a ready-made sculpture garden, in which multiple artists, schools, hacker teams etc from around WA are invited to decorate and bling up a standard bollard exoskeleton. The Sonic Bollard was Team Artifactory's **winning entry** to the 2015 ArtHack / Hack The Festival competition hosted at Space Cubed, 20-27 February 2015. 
-**Who:** Mega Travers (theremin), Tim Gilchrist (LEDs), SKoT McDonald (exoskeleton), Morgan Strong (documentation), Craig Wales (3d prototyping & rendering) 
-**Why:** a $5000 cheque-carrot. Also Art. 
-BollART: the Sonic Bollard prototype 
-Team Artifactory (L2R: SKoT, Morgan, Meg, Tim, Craig) being awarded the Prize by Director General of the WA Department of Culture and the Arts, Duncan Ord. 
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