(04 November 2015, SKoT)

We need to raise $6800 now (Nov 2015). Please pledge any amount you can afford!

Pledges: (Total: $800)

  • SKoT McDonald $200
  • Tim Gilchrist $200
  • Nathan Thompson $100
  • Mitch Kelly $100
  • Justin Richards $200

Proposed “Minion Fun Run”, with public-funded Acts Of Hubris/Stupidity In Costume. Video recorded for posterity & hilarity.

Date: Early December?

(27 August 2013, SKoT)

In brief:

  • Plan is to install 6.5kW to make up for the shallow pitch of our roof, thermal drop, and get a few more hours of full output durin morning and afternoon from our capped 5kW* inverter (* see later)
  • Quotes are around $7,500 for 6.5kW
  • Includes a decent quality German bluetooth/network hackable inverter with various web interfaces for Arduino-ing
  • Recommended NOT getting a tilt-up frame due to increase in wind loading leading to micro-cracks, and more expensive than just buying an extra panel or two. (10% loss from angle of our roof).
  • Install time can be under a month from saying “go”.
  • Recommended panels are a Norwegian brand “RE” which have lowest thermal efficiency drop, otherwise all panels are much of a muchness until you drop big $$$ for Sunpower panels.

Cost, Cash Flow & Rebate Info

  • Near-full price subsidy for non-profit incorporated associations in WA, capped at a 5kW inverter. (28c/unit)
  • We spend $350-$400 a month, solar panels would save $200/mth.
  • System would pay itself off in 3-4 years. (Rest of our lease)


  • Property Agent sees no reason owners wouldn't approve - as soon as we have a solid plan & quote (which we do) willing to take it to owners.
  • Stirling City Council doesn't require planning permission for solar installations (note: they DO need it for small scale wind turbines, under 2kW).



  • Propose we test crowd-fund - if all Artifactory fans on FB kicked in 5-10 bucks, we're there!
  • Campaign details
    • Graphics/Videos/Media
    • Web-ify explanation (page here or on Artifactory website)
    • Budget (per above)
    • Timeline
    • Reward tiers:
      • fame, notoriety, etc
      • laser cut thank you present. (image of giant robot ant being burnt by evil scientist giant magnifying glass?)
      • have a panel named after you (there are 24 panels - $200 each?)
    • Crowd funding sources:
      • - Australian-based, community-oriented.
      • - “fee free” crowd funding Australian project for non-profits - 2.6% credit card transaction costs added to donation (which go to provider, not chipin), donors are offered opportunity to donate to chipin additionally.
      • - if it launches in a realistic time-frame.


  • “Help GIANT ROBOT Run On Solar”/“SUMMER is coming” - dress up like a robot and get sponsored per km to run through the city. Make promo video of 80's training montage of GIANT ROBOT getting buff in readiness to promote fun run and Pozzible project.
    • Willing participants: SKoT, Elena


  • ASAP - peak generation season, aka SUMMER is coming!
  • Next couple of weeks - set up Pozible project and make promo video
  • fund raise for a few weeks
  • Commit!
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