The Artifactory is sadly lacking in one of the most popular (and awesometastic) tools common to many hackerspaces, the Lasercutter. Not content with a small and meek machine it was decided that we should seek help with funding our coherent light related ambitions and so we turned to the wonderful folk at LotteryWest who provided us a grant of $11k for the purchase of Lasercutters!

2013-07-21 Grant Approved by LotteryWest
2013-08-13 Lasercutter Specifications Approved and pledges for short term loans sought
2013-08-17 All pledges received and $11,000 transferred to importer
2013-08-21 Funds received by manufacturer and build begins
2013-09-16 Cutters have been built! Ready to ship
2013-09-18 Jenna impulse buys a vinyl cutter which is added to the shipment
2013-09-19 LotteryWest grant funds received, loans repaid to members
2013-09-26 Ship leaves Qingdao port on its way to Singapore where it will change ships
2013-11-04 LASERS!
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