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 ===== Stage 1: Bases ===== ===== Stage 1: Bases =====
-Pictures of assembly will be posted soon.+ 
 +The first question was squares or hexes, but they quickly multiplied from there. How big should the squares/​hexes ​be? How much space between them? Where were the walls going to go, and how was I going to stack levels on these things?  
 +Nice thin lines between the hexes were all very nice looking, but they required the 3mm drill bit, which is slow and fragile. Going to 6mm halved the number of passes required, and allowed me to think about nice thick walls between the hexes. Previously I'd been thinking about straight 3mm walls running along the hex centres, but wiggly walls running along the hex borders, and the interesting shapes you can create when constrained by hexes ended up being the deciding factor.
 ===== Stage 2: The Next Level ===== ===== Stage 2: The Next Level =====
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