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* Avoid anything simply psychedelic for the sake of psychedelic. need to keep up the appearence of “drug-free” and “mature” space etc etc. It is easy to work crazy visuals into venue-themed things… see below!

* Work in the MAD SCIENCE / INVENTION / INFINITY AND BEYOND hacker motive, and there's a good chance it will go on permanent display.

* Do feel free to use the Artifactory logo - we'll plaster those all over the wall in a heartbeat.

Statler and Waldorf

* Statler and Waldorf, the old grumpy men booing at the Muppet Show cast from their box high on the right of the stage.

* We need: a Theatre Box, in vaudville style, and statler and waldorf.

* SKoT to build box, and mount on wall.

* Artists to make “vaudeville theatre box” wall, and the “cutout” figures of the old men.

* later: connect to Twitter to allow people to send live-reviews of whatever is going on stage at Artifactory, and video-project speech bubbles from the old men!


Scientific Glassware

* Potions! Mad science!

* Light shining thru complex glassware with condensers, beakers, radioactive glowing green bubbling fluids, twirly pipes.

* Good excuse for spray-paint “shines” and lightlights from the glassware, and strong colours for the potions

* Potential location: over the bar, with “Bar d'factory written on them?”

Example Images:

Vintage Electronics: Vacuum Tubes

Example Image:

* Another excuse for techno-artisty with teh spray cans, with glass shine effects, lots of complicated bits inside, and backdrop could be a highlight-explosion ka-pow type thing. Yeah! VALVE it, baby!

* Potential location: over electronics area, with “Electronics” label on art.

* anything with electrocal zaps is good too - like 1930's mad scientist films with Tesla Coils, etc…

Giant Robot

* 1950's B-grade robots. We love 'em. That say “Mad Science” like nothing else.

* See GIANT ROBOT himself, hanging over the space!

* Also, Mad Scientist makes GIANT ANTS to attack city. Dr Doom type evil megalomaniac themes are good.

Robot Images

Anything Steampunk

* Zeppelins! Images

* Steam ostriches!

* Steam trains!

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