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Statler and Waldorf

* Statler and Waldorf, the old grumpy men booing at the Muppet Show cast from their box high on the right of the stage. We need: a Theatre Box, in vaudville style, and statler and waldorf. SKoT to build box, and mount on wall. Artists to make “vaudeville theatre box” wall, and the “cutout” figures of the old men. later: connect to Twitter to allow people to send live-reviews of whatever is going on stage at Artifactory, and video-project speech bubbles from the old men!


Scientific Glassware

* Potions! Mad science! * Light shining thru complex glassware with condensers, beakers, radioactive glowing green bubbling fluids, twirly pipes. * Good excuse for spray-paint “shines” and lightlights from the glassware, and strong colours for the potions * Potential location: over the bar, with “Bar d'factory written on them?”

Example Images:

Vintage Electronics: Vacuum Tubes

Example Image:

* Another excuse for techno-artisty with teh spray cans, with glass shine effects, lots of complicated bits inside, and backdrop could be a highlight-explosion ka-pow type thing. Yeah! VALVE it, baby!

* Potential location: over electronics area, with “Electronics” label on art.

Giant Robot

* 1950's B-grade robots. We love 'em. That say “Mad Science” like nothing else.

Robot Images

Anything Steampunk

* Zeppelins! * Steam ostriches! * Steam trains!

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