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-Ideas+=====Ideas for spray-can artists to paint for Artifactory.=====
 +We have graffiti artists coming to the Space part of the AudioVault Friday evenings. If we give them suggestions on what we would like for the space, we may end up with insto decoration art!
 +Suggest spraying standard 3mm MDF boards - will be easy to stack, mount high on walls in the space, rearrange, etc - modular!
 +==== General ====
 +* Avoid anything simply psychedelic for the sake of psychedelic. need to keep up the appearence of "drug-free" and "mature" space etc etc. It is easy to work crazy visuals into venue-themed things... see below!
 +* Avoid anything too specific to one particular pop-culture reference, eg a Dr Who, Star Trek/Wars... Make a montage of such characters, if needed, better to exaggerate / cartoonize / characterise. Then again, having Spock wagging his finger and admonishing us to do our dishes or remember to put away tools could be a goer... dunno!
 +* Emphasize technology, invention, crayz mad power/possibility that comes from unleashing mind, technology, imagination...
 +* Work in the MAD SCIENCE / INVENTION / INFINITY AND BEYOND hacker motive, and there's a good chance it will go on permanent display.
 +* Do feel free to use the Artifactory logo - we'll plaster those all over the wall in a heartbeat.
 +==== Specific ====
 ===Statler and Waldorf=== ===Statler and Waldorf===
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 * Potential location: over electronics area, with "Electronics" label on art. * Potential location: over electronics area, with "Electronics" label on art.
 +* anything with electrocal zaps is good too - like 1930's mad scientist films with Tesla Coils, etc...
 === Giant Robot === === Giant Robot ===
 * 1950's B-grade robots. We love 'em. That say "Mad Science" like nothing else. * 1950's B-grade robots. We love 'em. That say "Mad Science" like nothing else.
 +* See GIANT ROBOT himself, hanging over the space!
 +* Also, Mad Scientist makes GIANT ANTS to attack city. Dr Doom type evil megalomaniac themes are good.
 [[ | Robot Images]] [[ | Robot Images]]
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