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-Inspired by the truly strange theories of an ibscure german late 18th century thinker who thought that building a distressed-cat-based klavier was a good way to cure mental illness ( and the Muppet Show act in a similar vein of a guy that beat up a bunch of tuned fluffy creatures with a large hammer, I propose we build our own KatzenKlavier with soft toys, piezos, and Ardunios to do the trigger processing into MIDI or similar. 
-  * What: Fluffy electronic triggered musical device 
-  * Who: SKoT (Dave? Trent to advise on Arduinos?) 
-  * Why: Because beating up soft toys is fun. Come on, an electronic drum kit made up of foul looking soft toys... always good for the soul as you lay into them. 
-  * Precedent: In the 90s we used to take a bunch of piezo-rigged soft toys linked to a an Alesis DM5 drum module to gigs. 
-  * Materials:  
-    * Arduino (tick!) 
-    * Piezos  
-    * Soft toys (tick! I have a bunch of expendable soft toys left over from halloween) 
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